Tom Dennis

Greg and Gloria Farmer are long-time friends and clients in Dallas. Their Farmer Business Systems is one of the premiere Xerox Platinum Dealers in Texas and the U.S. They are a great example of a family-run, home-grown business.

From his trademark Chuck Taylors to his signature @TDbrand Twitter handle, few in Dallas know as much about branding and image than Tom Dennis.  His influence extends from his work with the DFW AMA chapter to First Tuesday Connections to several chambers and businesses.  And he certainly has Harry's attention

Greg and Gloria Farmer

Sandra Lewis

Diane Golden

Diane's Fit 4 Adventure destination travel company is a great Dallas success story.  Diane truly knows how to go and have fun.  From cycling to hiking to skiing to running (at the Boston Marathon!), Diane puts together some of the best, grass roots, fun travel experiences.  Did I say kayaking and canoeing, too?

Sandra believes that a community built around the experience of the table is a healthy community.  Speaker, chef, consultant and entrepreneur, Sandra's Life At The Table helps organizations, businesses and people recognize the value and need for community through a shared experience.

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