Born in Oak Cliff and brewed in Trinity Groves, Four Corners and partner/CFO Greg Leftwich have been friends for some time.  The name comes from the four cornered intersection in the three partners' home neighborhood where they grew up. 

Recently Harry enjoyed an afternoon at Lone Star Park, the nationally known thoroughbred horse racing facility in Grand Prairie.  The event was "Lone Star Bark" and welcomed Harry and many four-legged friends.

Leslie Barker Garcia

Susan Yost has been our friend for some time.  She recently joined Sunwest Communications. Susan is a long-time supporter of the Richardson community through the chamber and  the SEED Creativity arts meetup.  She is also active in Alzheimers groups and supports a number of other non-profits.

Susan Yost

Harry Knows....yet more people

Radio WAY-FM is a new Christian radio station in the North Texas region.  Harry and I visited Jade Reyes and John Billimek recently and were treated with a tour and lots of pats on the head!  We hope to meet their on-air personalities soon!

Harry enjoys a healthy and active lifestyle.  One of his favorite writers and fellow runners is Leslie Barker Garcia from the Dallas Morning News.  Leslie is a skilled and experienced second-generation journalist from Dallas with an engaging style.  Harry enjoyed his afternoon visit with her very much. He also follows her on Twitter.

Lone Star Park

Four Corners Brewing